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Mop down roofing use a combination of felt and asphalt; this creates various layers which are then finished with a layer of gravel. A hot mop roof is only used on flat and low roofs, they are sometimes called tar and gravel roof. While the installation process can be a messy one, the price is exceptionally appealing to many homeowners.

The installation of a hot mop roof is a messy experience. Basically asphalt blocks are melted into a cauldron or bucket, once melted it is poured onto the roof and a team of installers will mop it into place. The heat of the asphalt can easily burn the installers, so additional care has to be taken during the installation process. Once the asphalt has been mopped into place a layer of felt and fiberglass is laid over it. Once the fiberglass and felt layer is completed, the roof gets another layer of melted asphalt, this is repeated a number of times. The roof is then topped with rock or gravel.

With GetAMSI Inc. a hot mop roof can be an affordable solution for a new roof. While this is not the longest lasting roofing material on the market, the cost can be exceptionally appealing to homeowners that have to replace their roof quickly.